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Captivating, classy, and always romantic, France is the world’s top tourist destination. The variety of its landscapes, the charm of its people, and the richness of its culture are the stuff dream vacations are made of. We’ve scoured all over France to bring you a selection of the best sightseeing and overnight tours, cooking classes and wine tours..

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United States

With famous cities, epic landscapes, pop culture icons and enthusiastic locals, the United States has got something for everyone.

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Spain invokes images of flamenco dancers, café-lined plazas, white hillside villages, and soaring cathedrals. Beyond these traditional associations, this modern country offers top-notch art museums, inventive cuisine, and exciting nightlife. .

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Splendidly diverse in its geographic, ethnic, culinary and social make-up, China is a nation on the march. Developing at a rate unmatched in human history, already huge cities are adding sprawling suburbs and cutting-edge architecture on a day-by-day basis, even as an ever-expanding web of high-speed rail ties the country together..

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Italy is the kind of destination that travelers return to over and over. They come for awe-inspiring art and architecture that influenced Western civilization, and stunning historical ruins—as well as for some of the world’s best food and wine.

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Because it is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes and cultural histories in Europe, Germany travel has something to offer the entire family. The beautiful Alpine region has world-class skiing in the winter. Some of Europe’s top museums, like the Ludwig Museum that features an impressive Picasso collection, are located throughout the country.

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United Kingdom

Four bewitching cultures with tens of thousands of years of history between them, the UK is a dynamic nation awash with distinct landscapes, a fascinating history and a diverse and multi-cultural society.

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Russia is the world’s largest country, and as such has many diverse areas worth visiting. Central Russia is probably the most popular region to visit in the entire country. It offers the entry point from Europe and is the richest part of the country.

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The beaches of Cancun, the golf courses of Los Cabos, the nightlife of Puerto Vallarta: Mexico offers enough seaside fun, splashy resorts, and piña coladas to fulfill anyone’s sunny dreams. But travelers who dig a bit deeper discover a multifaceted country of ethereal cloud forests, colorful coral reefs, and stark deserts.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a young, vibrant city full of energy. This is obvious to anyone standing on the pier in Tsim Sha Tsui, looking out over Hong Kong’s impressive skyline of skyscrapers. Furthermore, this is a city that has managed to make an art of squeezing seven million people together in an area of 1.000 square kilometers.

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Malaysia is a mosaic of cultures and flavors, combining the best of China, India, and Southeast Asia with a smattering of old colonial legacy. Capital city Kuala Lumpur is thoroughly forward-looking, with its gleaming Petronas Towers and immaculate rail transport that’s surprisingly uncrowded.

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Austria is a multifaceted nation. It’s colorful mix of old-world architecture, and religious, historic and military sites juxtaposed alongside unparalleled natural wonders – alpine valleys, snow-capped mountains, sapphire lakes – and modern, vibrant city life.

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With sixteen million foreigners flying into the country each year, Thailand is Asia’s primary travel destination and offers a host of places to visit. Yet despite this vast influx of visitors, Thailand’s cultural integrity remains largely undamaged.

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Its incredible historic sites span four millennia, encompassing both the legendary and the obscure. Its convoluted coastline is punctuated by superb beaches, while its mountainous interior urges you to dust off your hiking boots and explore. Yet perhaps its greatest riches are the islands, ranging from backwaters where the boat calls twice a week to resorts as cosmopolitan as any in the Mediterranean.

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Poland has always occupied a special place in Europe: centrally located, many a bloody battle has been raged on its soil. From an atlas, it’s a country with no defining features. When I first landed in Poland to begin a teaching assignment in 2005, I haphazardly drew a circle as the map of the country for a class. The class chuckled and commented on its remarkable accuracy.

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Majestic mountains, wicked adventure sports, top hiking trails, cultured cities, a vibrant arts scene and some of the friendliest folk you’ll find in the world make Canada a top destination to visit all year round.

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With its unique mixture of Portuguese and Chinese cultures, Macau makes an interesting day trip or overnight stay if you want to get away from the bustle of Hong Kong.

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South Korea

With its booming economy, ancient culture, and increasingly prominent presence on the world stage, South Korea is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about travel destinations on the planet – which means that travelers looking to visit South Korea have more options than ever when it comes to hotel accommodations, restaurant choices, and things to do.

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While most visitors to the Netherlands (often referred to as Holland) focus on Amsterdam, the country’s vibrant capital with its great museums and art galleries, there are many charming towns and villages in this small yet fascinating country to explore. And because the country is so flat, it’s extremely easy to do at least a little sightseeing the Dutch way: by bicycle.

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It’s the Continent’s second biggest country, a quirky little slice of post-communist Europe where the borscht is tart, the history bizarre and the locals surprisingly friendly.

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Hungary is a crossroads at the centre of the continent – it fuses old Europe and new in its mix of Hapsburg grandeur and Communist-era grittiness. There is a Central European solidity to its food, buildings and culture, but the more exotic, and undeniably romantic, founding myth of the nomadic, warrior Magyars from the Central Asian steppe is also key to Hungarians’ fiery national pride.

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Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a history deeply rooted in trade and commerce. Although a long favourite destination for the more affluent of travellers, An abundance of world-class, affordable attractions are springing up on a regular basis, whilst the vast variety o

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Croatia’s splendors extend from the deep-blue waters of the Adriatic coastline to the waterfall-laced mountains of the Dinaric Alps and through­out its medieval towns. From Dubrovnik’s walled city where baroque buildings are surrounded by centuries-old forts to the lively islands of Brač and Hvar, this Central European country is an excit­ing blend of glamour and tradition.

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